What some of the world has to say about ‘It’s Better In The Wind’

From 'A Time to Get'  :

A photo essay on friends riding motorcycles, a life lesson on prioritizing, a chance to dream with your eyes peeled, or an experience for the sake of experiencing. Whatever you call it, it’s certain that it all must be better in the wind.

From 'Wink-Blog'  :

Are you jealous yet? ‘Cause I sure as hell am. The thought of having nothing to answer to other than the road and your bike is certainly an alluring one! Luckily, Toepfer’s photo sensibilities lend themselves nicely to this kind of work, creating (mostly) black-and-whites that satiate our wanderlust needs while keeping us from eating asphalt.

From 'Lubricated Zine'  :

In the spirit of Steve McQueen and Jack Kerouac, this group of adventurous eager souls are setting out to get lost to find some clarity in this hectic and chaotic fast paced world. 

From 'The Selvedge Yard'

I admire the guys atIt’s Better In The Wind for reminding us of the pure joy that can come only from the quest for adventure– the kind of adventures that were taken on more by generations past than the iNerds and Crackberries we’ve become today.

From 'Automopedia' :

Self-proclaimed “blue-collared intellectuals” have taken it upon themselves to ride down the coast of California, across the desert to follow paths the likes of Hunter S. Thompson and Capt. America have before. These pioneers hope to escape “a world that is unkind to change” on board vehicles with no windows to shelter them from the heat, cold, sun and deafening breeze.

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