'It's Better in the Wind' has always been about hitting the road and finding some new perspectives with a few good friends and a couple of wheels.  Having taken the first steps I've decided to bring a new project into the fold to push things a bit further.


There are competitors and there are spectators…and if you’ve ever tried that former, you won’t ever completely go back.  There is a certain level of pride when mixed with adrenaline will completely change your outlook on sport. 

I’ve spent years on the sidelines, on the fence, in the nosebleeds, in the infield, but this time around I’ve decided to put myself in the seat of the action.  

By taking a perfectly running Harley-Davidson 45” WR/G model and pushing it far beyond it’s original intent, the goal of which is solely to allow it to take me beyond the limits of spectatorship, and into the fold, I’m hoping for nothing more than the thrill of competition and the shared sense of community.

This is just one story in a community of men and women trying their hands at being on the course.  There are more and more people realizing that they do not have to just sit and pay for a spot to watch.  

A collaborative project by:

Photographer/Director Scott G Toepfer and Cinematographer Justin Donais

With additional stills contributed by Samson Hatae.

Scott Toepfer

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